How To Ensure Guest Safety At Your Next Concert?

Any performing artist will not be able to acquire the fame they desire if they shy away from doing live shows. Arranging a concert is no mean task. Quite a few issues are there that you need to look into. Ensuring the safety of the artist is not the only thing. One will also have to guarantee the safety of the crew members and the guests who come to see the show. I have been associated with the job of organizing concerts for a long time. On multiple occasions, I have seen things go wrong. If the guests do not feel safe, they will not make the show a success. Thus, I put a lot of stress on providing concert security not only for the star performer but the thousands who come to support the cause. A few days back, I organized a show and took care of the safety issues in advance.

Taking the permission from the respective authorities

The first thing that I did was notifying authority about the concert that was to take place. Notifying the authority was crucial for the successful organization of the concert. First of all, I went to the police station. I provided them with all the documents and explained to them that I was expecting a huge crowd that needs to be manned. I also stressed that the presence of the police would give me confidence.

After the police, I went to the fire station. A concert requires the erection of huge stages, with lots of light and associated machines. A small spark can set the entire stage on fire, thereby threatening the safety of all guests. I provided the fire department with the details of the show and asked them to have a contingency plan for that day. Last but not the least; I also went to the nearest hospital and gave them a heads-up for the concert.

Keeping provisions for safe water

From my previous experiences, I have understood that what guests need more than anything is unending reserves of safe drinking water. Thus, I contacted the water suppliers and asked them to arrange water stands, which would cater to the needs of a huge crowd. I also asked them to have plan B for preventing any unforeseen circumstance. Without water arrangements, you will not be able to ensure the safety of the guests.

Keeping provision for proper toilets

Another aspect that I always pay attention to, while organizing a concert is arranging mobile toilets. As always, last time too, I contacted the service provider and booked the required number of mobile toilets for meeting the requirements of the guests.

Arranging for private security guards

Depending only on the police force is not a wise thing to do. For providing adequate protection for my guests, I sealed the deal with two private security providing companies. The people they sent assisted me in manning the crowd properly. These steps have always helped me in keeping my guests safe and sound. According to me, securing the safety of the guests is the first responsibility of every organizer.