How to decorate your bar for Halloween

People like holidays. They bring the tone of the nostalgy, happiness, and reunion. Every family cherishes the moments when they are all together, in one place. And that’s the perfect time for bars to re-think about their holiday offer.

One of the first things a bar can do to attract more customers during the Halloween times is a small change in the decoration. In case you were wondering which way you should be going with this, check out these great tips on how to decorate your bar for Halloween.halloween accessories for couples!

Tip 1: Paint it black

Halloween is popular because of the spooky, weird, and creepy feelings that evoke in us. The first thing you should do to redecorate your bar to match the mood of the holiday is – paint it black. It’s an inexpensive way to set up the atmosphere for your guests.

Additionally, you can mix black and orange. Use your imagination to make a great Halloween pub, or you can always refer to the existing setup from a favorite movie or series.

Tip 2: Use red everywhere

Bloody Mary might be on your menu, but you shouldn’t stop there. To drop a spectacular Halloween party in a bar, make sure you use the red for every piece of the menu and decoration. You can spill some red dye on the tables and bar, to imitate the blood. A smart place for bloody decorations are in the toilets – make your guests feel haunted by some creature from an urban legend.

Tip 3: New drinks

Another affordable way to make Halloween decorations are printed liquor labels. Instead of the original, use tags to indicate that they’re drinking poison or magic potion or some other secret formula. Also, you can temporarily change the names of your popular beverages and make them sound more like Halloween. “Vampire Tears” or “Black Cat’s Eye” – anything that will create the impression of Halloween weirdness in your guest’s mind.

halloween accessories for couples!Tip 4: Add creepy hosts

A Halloween party can’t go without the hosts. For your bar, decorate the walls with posters from contemporary horror movies or series. Set up a separate table for special guests like vampires, skeletons, witches or werewolves. You can use the real-size posters for this decoration, or you can make small figurines or even the parts of the figures.

Additionally, you can serve food inspired by this holiday. There are some cool Halloween recipes you can try out.

Tip 5: Don’t forget about the staff

Now that you set up the interior of the bar, it’s time to get your staff dressed up. You can choose one theme for everyone to get dressed accordingly, or you can let them decide about their outfit. In case you want to add some romance to this creepy Halloween party, here are some excellent Halloween Accessories for couples!